No matter what size is your business, you can start online commerce any time with UniPAY. online commerce is a future solution in modern world.

Online commerce means more productivity and more Income

For Non Governmental Organizations

Forget to worry about how to search your donors, community who wants to contribute in the development of your organization, to help and make your projects more efficient.

It’s more easy to tell people about your programs for helping others

Educational Institutions

Use UniPAY services to manage easily the finances of seminars, tuition fees or generally money which is necessary for schools. The internet gives you tremendous potential to reach maximum result by spending less.

Modern financial solutions= more satisfied parents


It is not too far for Georgian Farmers to make realization of the products and services on the internet. Contact us and we will try our best to train you how to start e-commerce and get profit.

Work and Earn an Income in Modern


No matter what type of services you do, are you a programming or a designer, UniPAY e-wallet is always a guarantee that your work is paid and the money you earned is on your personal balance about 24 hours.

More connection with customers

Land Lords

You already have invested your money correctly in movable and immovable assets, we believe that you have to manage and earn an income in a right way. With the help of UniPay you can manage to pick up the rent or service fees, be modern.

Receive the money comfortably without problems.